KHLOÉNOVA Academy Agency & Event Management  is a British based academy and agency founded by the Bulgarian dancer , model , producer , couture designer and entrepreneur Khloé NOVA. 

KHLOÉNOVA Academy of Fashion & Performing Arts was founded since 2000 in Latin America with courses of Latin dance , modelling & fashion , social etiquette and others performing and learning educative programmes , in 2011 the school open the doors in London UK , working together with the educative government departments to create positive activities and educative programs for kids , young people and adults . Khloé finish conservatory ballet dancing school in Sofia Bulgaria , she start performing since five years old , been on TV commercials herself , movies productions, organising and been jury of all kind of cultural events, competitions, fashion shows worldwide, miss beauty pageants . In 2012 she Perform in the opening and closing ceremony London Olympic Games of more than 900 million global viewers , worldwide renown singers , bands, models , royals . Her Majesty THE QUEEN , Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton were the special guests of the Ceremony.






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